Fetish  Clothing And Bondage Gear 
Choose from a superb range of fetish clothing, BDSM and bondage gear for men and women.
Fetish clothing has become very popular over the years with the most popular materials being rubber, leather and PVC clothing. We have a superb range of fetish clothing in leather, PVC or rubber, whichever you choose will certainly make you or your lover wild with desire.

Fetish wear can be described as a little bit kinky, whether your into the tightest rubber wear which will fit to your skin like a silky glove or luxurious leather that will show off your curves or PVC that will suit any figure.
When shopping for rubber or PVC clothing it's worth remembering the different feels this will have to your skin.
Rubber is very tight fitting and will need a rubber silicone spray to make this shiny.
In our fetish and bondage range we sell a huge range of products suited for the clothing.